Recent Grants

The Icicle Fund approved its first grant in 1999. Since then, it has awarded over $37,500,000 in grants and in payments to protect land with high conservation values. In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, the Fund provided grants to its five founding organizations and the following nonprofit organizations working in North Central Washington:



To support operations and capacity building, includes a $15,000 challenge grant

Cascadia, the Methow Music Association


To support implementation of strategic plan, board development, and marketing


Cashmere Museum & Pioneer Village


To support roof replacement project


Chelan Valley Hope


To support training in using art to help students who have come through the 2014 Carleton Complex Fires


Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition


To reprint and distribute materials on fire preparedness and recovery during the Carleton Complex Fires


Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition


Operating support with an $8,000 challenge grant


Community Foundation of NCW


To support the 2015 Nonprofit Practices Institute


Methow Arts Alliance


To support expansion of arts education for students and capacity-building for artists and arts organizations


Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival


 To support musicians’ fees for the annual Festival


Methow Valley Citizens’ Council


Challenge grant to support bringing younger generation into leadership for progressive land use


The Merc Playhouse


For the creation and production of a musical theater production based on the children’s book “The Last Salmon,” including a $2,500 challenge grant


The Ripple Foundation


To support students filming community elders sharing their wisdom


Trout Unlimited


To support reform of motorized mineral prospecting regulations


TwispWorks Foundation


To support a community arts festival celebrating the end of the 2014 fire season


TwispWorks Foundation


To support the development of a fundraising program to ensure  long-term financial sustainability


Upper Valley Connection


To support the Icicle Players’ Theater Camp for developmentally disabled individuals


Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center


Challenge grant for an exhibit on wildfires


Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center (fiscal sponsor)


Challenge grant to MathonMonday for the purchase of a portable planetarium


Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center (fiscal sponsor)


To support the Wenatchee Art Education Consortium’s project to bring the Seattle Opera Artist in Residence program into local schools