Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort

January 1 2019 - it feels even better now to stay at sleeping lady…

LEAVENWORTH, Wash. November 27, 2018 - Harriet Bullitt, iconic philanthropist and the founder of many mission-driven businesses and non-profits, will transfer ownership of the Sleeping Lady business to Icicle Fund effective January 1, 2019.

“Well I have to have a plan because I’m going to be 95 this year,” said Bullitt. “I want to pass on Sleeping Lady so the resort can keep growing, but not necessarily get bigger. I think it’s possible to grow by getting better rather than bigger.”

The story of sleeping lady

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Sleeping Lady is a 58 room destination resort and conference center located outside Leavenworth, WA, and operates as a for-profit business with its own management team.

With Sleeping Lady profits going to Icicle Fund, we will be able to do more in North Central Washington.

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  • Every time locals have a cup of cocoa at O’Grady’s after skiing this winter, dine at Kingfisher, use the Aspen Leaf Spa, or have a drink at The Grotto, they support Icicle Fund.

  • This means that we can help even more local non-profits in providing wildfire preparedness, arts for kids and adults, hiking trails and open space, and many other community benefits that enhance the quality of life right here where we live.

  • The same is the case for all the guests that come to visit our area and stay at Sleeping Lady – with their organization or for leisure.

  • It is like benevolent night all day, every day!

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