Programs Funded

The Icicle Fund approved its first grant in 1999.

Since then, it has awarded over $40 Million in grants.



$65,000 - To support operations and capacity building, includes a $15,000 challenge grant

Cascadia, the Methow Music Association

$10,000 - To support implementation of strategic plan, board development, and marketing

Cashmere Museum & Pioneer Village

$5,000 - To support roof replacement project

Chelan Valley Hope

$1,500 - To support training in using art to help students who have come through the 2014 Carlton Complex Fires

Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition

$4,000 - To reprint and distribute materials on fire preparedness and recovery during the Carlton Complex Fires

$12,500 - Operating support with an $8,000 challenge grant

Community Foundation of NCW

$15,000 - To support the 2015 Nonprofit Practices Institute

Methow Arts Alliance

$25,000 - To support expansion of arts education for students and capacity-building for artists and arts organizations

Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival

$5,000 -  To support musicians’ fees for the annual Festival

Methow Valley Citizens’ Council

$7,500 - Challenge grant to support bringing younger generation into leadership for progressive land use

The Merc Playhouse

$6,000 - For the creation and production of a musical theater production based on the children’s book “The Last Salmon,” including a $2,500 challenge grant

The Ripple Foundation

$1,000 - To support students filming community elders sharing their wisdom

Trout Unlimited

$8,000 - To support reform of motorized mineral prospecting regulations

TwispWorks Foundation

$10,000 - To support a community arts festival celebrating the end of the 2014 fire season

$14,350 - To support the development of a fundraising program to ensure  long-term financial sustainability

Upper Valley Connection

$7,500 - To support the Icicle Players’ Theater Camp for developmentally disabled individuals

Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center

$10,000 - Challenge grant for an exhibit on wildfires

$10,000 - Challenge grant to MathonMonday for the purchase of a portable planetarium

 $3,000 - To support the Wenatchee Art Education Consortium’s project to bring the Seattle Opera Artist in Residence program into local schools