The Icicle Creek Theater Festival sends plays to New York, London and Regional Theaters

Each year in August, the Icicle Creek Theater Festival offers playwrights the time, space and support they need to develop new plays. Working with professional actors and experienced directors, the plays undergo a week’s worth of re-writes and improvements. The week culminates with staged readings where audience feedback has its role in the new play development. After their Leavenworth workshops, all of the Theater Festival’s plays have gone on to win awards or to full performances in London, New York or regional theaters across the country. After having his play picked up for full production by ACT in Seattle, one playwright wrote: “I know that this could not have happened as quickly or as smoothly without the incredible assistance and service provided by the Icicle Creek Theatre Festival. This festival is small and one of the best I have attended, since you focus on two playwrights and we are given the time, attention and setting to really get to the heart of our work. I have loved this experience and it’s one I will never forget.” The Icicle Fund has supported the Theater Festival for each of its first five years.