Icicle Creek Theater Festival play wins prestigious award

Workshopped at the 2010 Icicle Creek Theater Festival, Yussef El Guindi's play  PILGRIMS MUSA AND SHERI IN THE NEW WORLD was recently named the winner of the the Harold & Mimi Steinberg/American Theater Critics Association New Play award. The Steinberg is the largest and most prestigious award in the country for plays produced outside of New Yok City. 

PILGRIMS MUSA AND SHERI IN THE NEW WORLD "is a gentle romantic comedy wrapped around a serious examination of issues facing today's new immigrants, dilemmas that resonate for every generation's newcomers. An Egyptian immigrant who drives a cab strikes up a romance with a quirky American-born waitress, but the clash of cultures is only the hook El Guindi uses to explore the diversity of opinions even within one ethnic group as they struggle with assimilation and a newly-minted belief in the promise of the American Dream." It premiered in June 2011 at ACT in Seattle.