Icicle Creek Center for the Arts named a Northwest cultural "bright spot"

The Icicle Creek Center of the Arts has been named in a study commissioned by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation as a "bright spot" in the Northwest's cultural landscape. The bright spots are described as organizations "that adapting and evolving successfully despite challenge external circumstances." The purpose of the study was not only to identify these organizations, but also to see if they share characteristics and strategies that can be replicated by others. The common qualities found were: an animating purpose; deep engagement with the community; evaluation and analysis; plasticity; and transparent leadership.

Along with the Icicle Creek Center of the Arts, eleven other organizations from around the Pacific Northwest were named: the Anchorage Opera; Portland Institute of Contemporary Art; the Trey McIntire Project (Boise); Oregon Shakespeare Festival; Literary Arts (Portland); Town Hall (Seattle); Sun Valley Center of the Arts; Perseverance Theater (Juneau); Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts (Helena); Idaho Shakespeare Company; and Portland Center Stage.