The Colville Tribal Museum reopens with new exhibits

On March 25, 2011, the Colville Tribal Museum in Coulee City reopened to a large and appreciative crowd after having been closed for two years.   Filled with history collected by the Colville Confederated Tribes (Moses/Columbia, Wenatchee, Okanogan, Entiat-Chelan, Methow, Nez Perce, Palus, Nespelem, Colville, San Poil and Lake),the Museum houses displays of basketry, beadwork, clothing and tools, as well as artwork by local artists. It also has an extensive, labeled photo collection that shows not only tribal leaders but other tribal members and the land before it was developed. The centerpiece of the Museum is a 16’ by 8’ photographic mural. Folded like an accordion, the mural offers two views of Kettle Falls—before, when it was the most significant fishery in the Upper Columbia, and after, when the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam submerged the fishery and a way of life. The mural was funded with an Icicle Fund grant.