Icicle Fund envisions a culture where a diversity of The Arts is accessible and valued as a critical component of vibrant communities in NCW.

We believe that
  • The Arts nurture the human spirit, transform lives, and connect people to place
  • The Arts build strong economies and cohesive communities across social, economic, and racial boundaries
  • The Arts are fundamental to a well-rounded education and help all students to succeed in school and life
  • Collaboration between community leaders, artists, schools, and businesses ensure sustainable, quality arts programs
  • Everyone in NCW deserves access to, and engagement with, The Arts at levels similar to urban areas
Youth Arts Initiative 
In 2017 Icicle Fund commissioned a study to better understand what arts opportunities
exist in and out of school for students in grades K-12 in North Central Washington.
In addition, we sought to learn more about:
  • Challenges and barriers to youth arts opportunities.
  • Service gaps in youth arts opportunities.
  • Effective strategies and best practices for providing youth arts opportunities.
  • Potential funding sources and partners for youth arts opportunities.

The full report and the 2-page summary of this study provide a starting point for you and other community members and organizations to come together and address the opportunities and gaps identified in the study. Please contact us if you are interested in being involved with arts opportunities for our youth.

Arts Grants
Since 1998, we have awarded Arts grants to organizations that have started a new cooperative artists gallery, staged an annual fiddlers’ contest, and that serve as a coordinating and promoting entities for artists in the area. Large capital projects, like the purchase of a new acoustical shell for a performing arts center and the construction of a new music and arts center for the local college, and small ones, such as the remodel of a classroom or the purchase of new office equipment, have also been supported. Finally, a large number of capacity building awards have, among other things, helped arts organizations upgrade ticketing systems, develop marketing plans and reach out to new audiences.