Application Instructions

Accessing Online Application forms

  1. All grant forms are online. To access application forms and manage existing grants, please go to the Grant Management Login and follow the instructions to create or access your account.

  2. Log in to your “home” page (titled Application Status). Update your organization’s information as needed.

  3. To start a new application, select Apply in the upper left portion of the page.

  4. Select the appropriate grant program and proceed.

Completing Your Application

  1. Required questions have an asterisk*. If the required questions are not answered you will be unable to submit your application.

  2. Collaborative projects are something we value highly. We understand collaboration as something different from partnering, cooperating, or using the services of other organizations. Collaboration involves two or more organizations working together to realize a jointly established goal. Not all projects are collaborative in nature. If yours is, let us know. If it isn’t, you can simply indicate that in the space provided.

  3. We strongly suggest that you turn your submission in one week before the deadline. If you submit your application at least one week before the submission deadline, it will be reviewed for completeness and if there is anything missing, you will be notified and the application will be made accessible to you for completion. Applications submitted the last week before the submission deadline will be reviewed for completeness only after the deadline has passed. If the application is incomplete it will not receive any further review.


Goals, Objectives and Outcomes (REQUIRED)

Statement of Budget vs. Actual for Revenues and Expenses (Optional)

Balance Sheet (Optional)

Electronic Application Filing Tips

  1. Save your draft application frequently to avoid losing your work.

  2. When you have completed the application, don't forget to click on the SUBMIT button. Do this only when you are sure the application includes everything required. Once the application has been submitted you will no longer be able to make any changes.

  3. A copy of the application may be downloaded to your computer. This allows you to answer the questions at your leisure, and then copy/paste your answers into the application when you are ready

  4. The character limits are sufficient for the information we need to evaluate your application. Whether you type directly into the text box, cut and paste, or upload, please adhere to these limits.

    • a. If you are interested in keeping track of the character count, you can do one of the following:

      • i. If you are typing directly into the application’s text box, the character count will be displayed.

      • ii. If you are using Microsoft Word (2010), go to REVIEW and in the PROOFING group, click on WORD COUNT. Characters (with spaces) are included with the statistics.

      • iii. With Word for MAC (2011), go the TOOLS menu and select WORD COUNT. Characters (with spaces) are included in the statistics.

      • iv. Other versions may have different procedures. If you search the internet using “character count” you should be able to find an answer.

    • Uploading files:

      • a. Only WORD, EXCEL and .PDF files can be uploaded.

      • b. Only ONE file can be uploaded per question.

      • c. Multiple documents can be combined into one file and then uploaded.

      • d. We suggest you convert files into .PDF format before uploading so that all formatting is retained. If you do not have the Acrobat Adobe program that does this, you can download the free Go PDF program from the Internet. The Fax-to-File feature on the grant management site will also convert your documents to .PDF.

    • FAX-TO-FILE: This feature provides a quick and easy way to combine and upload multiple documents and to convert them into a single  .PDF file.

      • a. Select the Fax-to-File feature from the menu.

      • b. Read the instructions.

      • c. Select “Request a Fax #”; a toll-free number will appear on the page.

      • d. Load all of the documents you want to consolidate in one file into your fax machine.

      • e. Dial the toll-free number and send.

      • f. Repeat this process for each file group you wish to create.

      • g. Select “Finished Faxing” when you are done and to see your list of files.

      • h. Save each file to your computer and then upload to the appropriate question.

    • EXCEL uploads: Single EXCEL worksheets may be uploaded, but EXCEL workbooks sometimes are difficult to upload.