Collaboration Stories

The Icicle Fund Land Conservation Committee

To more effectively collaborate on and coordinate land acquisition and stewardship projects, the Icicle Fund’s three land conservation organizations—Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy and the Trust for Public Land—formed the Land Conservation Committee in 2005. The purpose of the Committee is to provide a venue for developing and implementing projects that protect land and water at priority sites, build capacity to effectively manage those sites, and enhance recreational opportunities while working with partners to leverage and replicate the Icicle Fund model. By bringing together their individual areas of expertise—science, ecoregional assessments, community building and outreach, stewardship, land acquisition strategies and conservation financing, local knowledge and connections—as well as the talents and knowledge of other engaged partners, the organizations believe they will be better able to advance the Icicle Fund mission and the success of conservation efforts throughout the region. In March 2008, the Committee's first joint Strategic Conservation Plan for North Central Washington was approved by the Icicle Fund Board of Directors. The plan was updated in 2011 with increased emphasis on stewardship.

The Land Conservation Committee is authorized to access funds in a separate land acquisition and conservation account. These funds are leveraged as much as possible and funds recovered through sale of lands to a public agency or other entity are tracked and deposited in this revolving Icicle Fund land conservation account to help fuel additional projects prioritized by the committee.